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Breeding Lines -Sheep

While this is on sheep, the truth is knowing, understanding and running female breeding lines applies to all your breed programs, everyone is always so worried about the males.. I hear it all the time.. the stud gives 50% of … Continue reading

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After Lambing Care -Sheep Day

As I currently have a smaller, and slightly weaker twin lamb out of the twins born yesterday, it is with it, it is up and nursing but it’s no where near as strong as its sibling, and I am working … Continue reading

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Sheep Weights – Figuring them out with measurements

Measure the circumference of the animal, as shown in distance C in the illustration. Make sure to measure girth in relation to the location of the animal’s heart. On a sheep, ensure an accurate measurement by compressing the sheep’s wool … Continue reading

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A bit of a garden an farm update!

This is the new Melon Garden, each side is four feet wide, and the fence to climb is four feet high, and we will trim and add to the sides as needed for growth.. 27 melon plants in their for … Continue reading

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Ice had a lamb after all

Yesterday Ice had a lovely strong active and very pretty ram lamb.. he is doing well, drinking his milk from both sides and while this is Ice’s first time as a mom, she followed in the footsteps of her mother … Continue reading

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A little lamb and lamb to be photo love..

Showing off the current born lambs and a number of the still expecting ewe’s..  

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Let it Snow!!

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We are wearing our red warpaint- which means what???

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Small Grazing Paddocks -New for 2012

Well, It has taken more years then I want to say for us to go from when we bought this farm, with no fences other then a number of dog runs from the attached kennel building to have fenced off … Continue reading

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Baby Lamb Photo Love

The older lambs are going so fast and they are all eating hay and chewing their cud these days, the younger ones are part of the baby mob, and still more new ones have joined us in the past days..  … Continue reading

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