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Filling the Freezers -Lamb or Hoggart 2021

I had been told that I would need to wait till next week for the lamb and Hoggart to be ready, I had no issue with this, it meant that they would hang longer and I am always ok with … Continue reading

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Lambs are off to the Butcher!

This was truly a Ram lamb year! Out of all our lambs this year, all of them were born rams but the very last lamb, which was born late which was a little ewe.. she is super tiny compared to … Continue reading

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Friday Ramble-Prepping for Another Lock Down

While it seems like everyone around me is thrilled at all the things opening up, their children heading back to school, sports are a go, concerts and professional sport events where 10, 000 of thousands gather..   As summer came into … Continue reading

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A little light hearted fun.. Mrs. Brown and her twins.

A lovely friend of mine made this adoreable knitted sheep.. She is a Brown girl with a black mask and a lovely full sized ewe šŸ™‚ But she has a surprise.. She was ready to have her lambs.. What a … Continue reading

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King Ram 2018

Sometimes we make choices that we regret to a point, I like King my new ram, he is a good boy, but I miss both Horny and Whiskey. I should have kept them for more years.Ā  I liked that both … Continue reading

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New Ram for the Sheep Flock and fall overview

After having a couple of the cutest Black Lambs born this year, I decided that we would at least for 2018 get a Black Hair Sheep Ram for the breeding season.. So we will be breeding with Onyx this year, … Continue reading

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Stress-Free way to move the Ewe-Float the lamb..

Todays post is short but sweet.. How to move a mother sheep from theĀ  holding, expecting pen with the least possible stress to her own jug.. pick up baby and “float” the lamb in a slow way about four inches … Continue reading

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March is coming in a like a lion..

But it’s not stopping the lambing šŸ™‚ It’s just ugly out there.. it hit minus 32 overnight and the average thankfully is only just over minus 20 but when you add the wind chill, we have warnings out that it … Continue reading

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Reuse and Recyle- Sheep Feeder

This pen normally has hay net feeder and or a single corner hay feeder.. neither of which worked for the ewe sheep that areĀ using my big back cornerĀ stall asĀ the nursery pen at the count down to lambing.. Ā A little extra … Continue reading

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Big Barn Prep-Lamb Watch 2017

The Big Barn is old, really old, its coming into it’s 90th year per the locals and its been repaired, its had add on’s done to it, and its also aging.. always aging, always being putter on, working on.. This … Continue reading

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