Lambs are off to the Butcher!


This was truly a Ram lamb year! Out of all our lambs this year, all of them were born rams but the very last lamb, which was born late which was a little ewe.. she is super tiny compared to the much bigger rams, but I have a regular buyer that also is looking for my smallest lamb and she will meet his needs and freezer space perfectly.


This first born ram lamb is now MASSIVE and I expect he will come back as the largest of all the lambs. If I had wanted to hold back a new home raised ram, I would have been looking at this boy big time..  but nope.. all the lambs went this year.. 

As did some of the older ewes as well..  We shook the grain bucket and the flock followed us out of the pastures up to the front pen, we took two panels, pushed them into a much smaller space in the pen, and the required tags went into ears (after I had a crazy panic when the tags I was SURE I had order were not in the sheep box..) turns out that they were still in the cupboard where they came in the mail.. 

Then they had a nice rest overnight on lots of fresh bedding, some good hay and fresh water till the hauler arrived..  it went smooth.. door openned, grain shook, the sheep call and in they went.. off for their one bad day as they say.. 

Leaving me with just 5 ewes on the farm, all hair sheep.. no woolies left here..  I had to book these spots a full year in advance to get them in..  hopefully some of them are still open, I know Grandma should be as we pulled her two months ago out of the flock to prevent her being bred.. but the others might be.. we will see, we will see.. 

I look forward to coming into winter with a much reduced hay requirement, and will look forward to being able to help filled my farm gate lamb buyers freezers.. 

The Hauler was talking about the issues everyone is having trying to get in at the butchers..  I believe it.. I believe it!

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