Stress-Free way to move the Ewe-Float the lamb..

Todays post is short but sweet..

How to move a mother sheep from the  holding, expecting pen with the least possible stress to her own jug.. pick up baby and “float” the lamb in a slow way about four inches off the ground, stop every few feet and let her lick it, as you move, baby and mom will talk but she will follow that floating baby though gates, down walkways and into new pens.

Farmgal Lambing Tip of the Day.. Float your lamb to move the mom..  keep that baby in mom’s natural eye line, keep it just slowly moving and she will come right along.


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4 Responses to Stress-Free way to move the Ewe-Float the lamb..

  1. A Small Country Living says:

    J > The exception proves the rule: Our ‘No 11’ will simply walk off in the other direction (we lamb out in the fields). She produces good lambs, often twins, but has no interest whatsoever in mothering them. She’s so godamm truculent!

    • o my, as in every time.. do you end up with bottle babies? or do you jug them to bond? you should tell No 11 she is very lucky to have you, because if my girls are not good momma, with normal birth and bonding time given, they never get a third try.. they get butchered..

      • A Small Country Living says:

        J > The thing is, we do enjoy having lambs to look after. And our guests at Carrick Eriskay love the chance to feed the lambs with a bottle.

      • ah, that makes a difference, I work very hard to breed a flock that do not give me bottle babies.. it still happens but not to often. I can see the guests loving it

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