Introducing Jayda, A lovely little Doeling.

Juno has a big long legged and very strong lovely brown little female waiting for me, all dry and full in the belly when I went to do a late afternoon check..

she is just a touch on the cooler side and so she now snuggled up in her coat and will be checked a few times to see if she needs to come in for a bit in the coldest part of the night.

Glad she had her today when it was only -11 out of the wind, as its to down back down in mid -26 tonight and tomorrow.. and below 30 with the wind..  but the baby is in a draft free area, but still she does not have a sibling to share her space with. she will need to snug up to her momma.

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1 Response to Introducing Jayda, A lovely little Doeling.

  1. A Small Country Living says:

    J & D > Aaaah!

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