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A little Lamb Love

Big Female (single) at the back, then first born set of twins, Ram Lamb in the middle an his sister at the front, with a touch of Jada a yearling goat rear end Only one of the second born set … Continue reading

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Happy Easter Round Two with photos :)

So I did get some photo’s for you today.. they are not the greatest, the lambs are not ready to come outside to the muddy, cold wind world yet (well they could but why should they?) so that means that … Continue reading

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Happy Easter “Lambs”

Happy Easter from our little farm to you and yours! I hope that regardless of your beliefs that you will enjoy time with your family and friends on this long weekend. The past week has been busy, we finally are … Continue reading

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March is coming in a like a lion..

But it’s not stopping the lambing 🙂 It’s just ugly out there.. it hit minus 32 overnight and the average thankfully is only just over minus 20 but when you add the wind chill, we have warnings out that it … Continue reading

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This an That Post..

Its raining..  and the farm is a mess of slushy snow, dripping water and poo.. I mean it, so much poo to clean up lol The wind has created waves it the snow on the big fields.. The new bigger … Continue reading

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Spring really is just around the corner..

I was going to write a more detail post today but the truth is, that while my brace is helping, I pulled my wrist the wrong way and I am being kind to say that its tender at the moment..  … Continue reading

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Breeding Lines -Sheep

While this is on sheep, the truth is knowing, understanding and running female breeding lines applies to all your breed programs, everyone is always so worried about the males.. I hear it all the time.. the stud gives 50% of … Continue reading

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First Lamb has arrived..

Thankfully we got our Sweet Dirty Face Girl into a jug three days ago, very good timing considering this deep and bitter cold.. I like sockhop if this wee lamb is a ewe but a winter name would work as … Continue reading

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Give a warm welcome to “Goon”

Well, we had one ewe that had not lambed, and we figured she didn’t get caught as she would have needed to breed in dec to be due now, so we thought.. ah, the lambing is done.. So where we … Continue reading

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March Challange-Frost Seeding

We are coming into our 5th year of frost seeding to improve our pastures, and we can’t speak highly enough of this process.  A little background on our pastures, the call names are, Big Pasture, Little Pasture, Corner Pasture, and … Continue reading

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