March is coming in a like a lion..

But it’s not stopping the lambing 🙂

It’s just ugly out there.. it hit minus 32 overnight and the average thankfully is only just over minus 20 but when you add the wind chill, we have warnings out that it will be between -27 to -37 ‘s and with that we have a frost bite warning out of our area. That means that you had better be bundled up from head to toe because any exposed skin can and will freeze within minutes. So you can imagine that even while we can take all the wind chill factor out of the barn (the birthing area’s have good ventilation but they are draft free for the wee babies. It’s still cold..   So o yes.. March is coming in with a Roaw!


This sweet little ram lamb is a spunky brown and white Pinto is part of the second set of twins born and they picked a nice balmy day to do it in..


His sister is the pretty long-bodied and long-legged white female of the set.. and here they are snug as bugs on their mom’s rump, the older set of twins where up sleeping on their mom’s back who had placed herself on an inside wall and where cheeky as always..


When mom stood up, they were awake and up in a flash, under her and on their front knees and nursed with strength, head bops and flashing tails.. they drank fast and hard and deeply with lovely white bits around their lips, truly milk mouths.

I tried to get a photo of the newest lamb, the lamb that picked this bitter cold to come into.. Its mom is Bubble Sheep, an older ewe, and I had hopes that it would be a ewe to replace her but no such luck, another ram lamb..  and another little brown and white pinto.

He is doing well, we gave him a full check over being born on such a cold day, we moved him and his mom to a different jug and we did a number of checks, in truth nothing more than say hi, and watching to make sure that he was up and nursing, that he was nursing both teats and that his tummy filled out.  All is looking mightily fine at the 24 hour mark despite the deep cold..

Still I am making sure everyone is getting  a touch extra hay, warm drinking water today, a bit of extra grain and another bale of straw just cuz I can.. and we will all hunker down and grunt at this cold.. and wait for it to end..  I know it will.. it is after March!



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3 Responses to March is coming in a like a lion..

  1. It is amazing how much cold these wee new borns can take – as long as you have them all dried off and they get some warm milk they are fine. You are very cold there – horrors.. c

  2. A Small Country Living says:

    J > Cold is bad enough, but thank heavens – for the animals and yourself – you’ve got them under cover. We don’t get that kind of cold – just the killer of very strong winds with heavy rain. Denise is frequently finding me poring over ‘How to Build Animal Housing’ that you recommended (I got it used, for a song, on Amazon) … … …

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