Elderberry Shrub Recipe


The first of a number of Shrubs for the Food in Jar Challenge..

Elderberry Shrub

8 0z of Elderberry Syrup (made with cooked elderberry juice and sugar at 1 to 1 ratio)

2 oz of Apple Cider Vinager

2 oz of plain water (but I would like to try different fruit flavoured left over canned juice)

Measure, mix, pour, chill and serve.. it was delightful and I do not know why I have not made it before. it truly surprised me at how rich and depth of flavour this mix gave me, it was like a good wine in regards to top and bottom notes.

I have grown and harvested Elderberries on the farm for 12 years, most year, I harvest at least 30 to 50 plus pounds of them, I made juice, jelly, syrup and Cold-Honey blends.


We use it as a hot fruit tea, we blend it and homemade jello with it.. Its one of favorite wild fruits of the farm.. I even have a little video that shows my way of quickly destemming them


So if you put up some elderberry juice or elderberry syrup, consider making a pint into this awesome drink, and if not.. and you want to try it, there are many places that sell dried elderberries to be made into syrups.

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10 Responses to Elderberry Shrub Recipe

  1. Kelsey says:

    That’s a lot of work to process all those berries! Do you have a trick for removing the poisonous stems quickly?

  2. Widdershins says:

    That colour on the spoon/plate is magnificent. 😀

  3. D > I wonder if Elderberry was taken to N America from Britain or other N European countries? It’s very much a hedgerow/smallholders small tree. If we have enough, we make Elderberry Wine, which – if it turns out at its very finest – we refer to as Elderberry Port.

    • I think we have had it for a long time as well, there is records here in Canada that it was a wild fruit that the natives used as well as the amazing history of this plant in Europe.. I was born in alberta, Canada and we do not have elderberry, it can be bought and used as a garden plant but it is not found in the wild, instead the Saskatoon, the pin-cherry and the choke-cherry as well as high bush blueberry is the most common fruits.. When I lived in the artic, Iqaluit Nunavut (across from Greenland) a tiny plant the cloud berry was the local fruit, and I had to relearn when I got to the farm here in the Ottawa valley, Ontario, as my most common wild fruits are Elderberries, High Bush Cranberries and Chokeberry.. and despite me trying, I can’t get a Saskatoon bush to produce here and I have never found a single wild pin-cherry baby to transplant..

    • Do you use the flowers to make a drink as well or just the berries and o yes, so very fine indeed

      • D > Berries for wine/port. Flowers for ‘champagne’- a sparkling white wine (drunk whilst still active). Cautious with the latter, as no fruit without flowers!

      • My bushes are so heavy on the production that I need to remove a third of the flowers so that the fruit does not snap the branches. I find that if you feed them well, they can and will out produce what they can hold.. but I must either cover them to keep the birds off but I also grow a number of them in the front yard, that the farm cats keep clear of the birds for me.

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