This an That Post..

Its raining..  and the farm is a mess of slushy snow, dripping water and poo.. I mean it, so much poo to clean up lol The wind has created waves it the snow on the big fields..

2012-12-24 2012-12-24 053 006 (500x375)

The new bigger taller sided sled is working on well..  I like it very much..


Caleb is already walking a touch better on his meds, I was told to cut a small hole in a apple and put the med in and then give it to him.. it just falls out.. so I looked at it and went hmm. I put my little hole in the apple and then the med and then seal it with a drop of honey smeared over to hold it in place.. works like a charm.. and Caleb loves his honey apple treat.


We did get the door made and installed as well as the steps and the main top tin roof is now in place, we ran out of tin for the last piece on the slant, but we will get that this week and it will have that final finishing touch done very soon.. the main step is clean and dry, only the steps get a touch of weather now..

The door can be cracked open on a nice day so that the farm purr pots come and go at will when I open the house door and they love that space, they ask to go out, they go to the bathroom outside and then they come back and hang out in the warm sun room on the step, I have given them box’s and old blanket, they love it


Faiths stitches came out and she is healing very well indeed.. This was the morning before they were cut and pulled, this was one week after surgery..  Two weeks tomorrow and she is almost all healed up.


The twins are doing very well this morning.. I was hoping that maybe one of the other big girls would be wanting to go and I would have babies this morning but nope..  Soon though..



The little white boy has a lot of wool type coat on him and the little Black and White boy has a more typical hair coat at birth.

Well, I had better get back to my day.. Hope you have a great one..


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