Beautiful Poached Fish

I had a lovely piece of Haddock that I wanted to cook but I didn’t want to fry it with those lovely crisp edges, I didn’t want to put a glaze on it..


No, I wanted lovely fresh light o so melt in your mouth perfectly Poached Fish.. on a bed of bursting with flavour sticky rice.

So how do you get that perfect poached fish.. very gentle heat and time 🙂

You will need a big enough pot that you can have each piece of fish has at least some space around it, you need to add enough water to your pot or pan that the fish will lift and float in it..  and you can add some lemon juice to your water, a pinch of salt and if it was right season, I would tell you to add a bit of fresh green to add a touch more flavour like Bloody Dock would be perfect for it or of course nettles..

Then its all about temp.. you ideally want your temp to be 140, if you can check this with your temp gage, go for it.. if not, you are looking for steaming water but not simmering.. not boiling..  you need to cook your fish to that same temp..

It will take at least ten min or more to bring your fish to a fully poached stage, this is not fast cooking, this is slow, soft cooking, but it means that your fish should never overcook, it will not be dry.

I like to give a sprinkle of lemon herb on top and if you wanted you could put a few drops of Soy Sauce over that fish, it will just sop it up and sink it in.

As for the rice, I used a rice cooker, it makes it all work so well, I did add a lot of dried pepper in it and then I added a few flakes of hot pepper with some Salt and Pepper into the mix.. it was just what I was after, rich from the butter, thick and sticky from the rice and very full flavour.

Now I would have loved to have added a nice dark on the bitter side of cooked greens to this dish, like a lovely beet green with chopped stems.. o yes, that would work just perfectly! but for a lighter green, spinach would be a good choice as well.. or if being more frugal, even fried cabbage would give you a nice bite of green..


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