How to make Abrystir a Baked Pudding

This is a amazing baked Colostrum Pudding that according to my “The Nordic Cookbook” comes from Iceland.

Baked Colostrum Pudding

  • 1 pint fresh sheep Colostrum
  • 3/4th cup cream (i used skimmed sheep cream)
  • Sugar to taste

Serves 4

Heat oven to 225

Combine the above and pour into oven proof dish, the pudding should be about one and inches thick, I used a small pie plate. place in a roasting pan with hot water half way up

Bake until set and golden brown on top.

Can be served hot, warm or cold.  Served with jam on top, often cloudberry.

I tried it with Ground Cherry (its good) and I tried it with High Bush Cranberry jam and it was drool worthy! Amazing!

I make a version of this that came from a very old English cookbook..  Its the whole milk, no cream, no sugar and certainly not served up with jam. Its served cold.. its good as well..

They are not the same.. the English comes out more like a custard, smooth and cuts clean. This one cooks a lot longer, its sweeter and is almost like a very mild cross between pudding an cheese.


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1 Response to How to make Abrystir a Baked Pudding

  1. Silveryew says:

    How delicious! My sister makes something similar if she has any colostrum from a cow she can use ^_^

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