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Creme Carmamel – Made with Sheep Milk

The first of the Sheep Milk is coming into the house, Carmel only had one lamb who is nicknamed Shady Lady and she is old enough to be put into a nice little lamb creep with water/hay/lamb crumbles for the … Continue reading

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Thermos Shuttle Chef – Ways to use it!

I have owned my Thermos Shuttle Chef Unit for coming on eight years now. See here for my first overview of it when I got it. See here for my five year overview of it! One of my favorite was … Continue reading

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Monday’s was a Lambing Day..

Four Ewe’s Decided Monday March 4th was a good day to have babies. Carmel -Ewe1: One large healthy chocolate ewe lamb who just happened to have its cord wrapped around its neck, but it was removed and she is fine. … Continue reading

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Freezing Sheep Colostrum

Below is a really great post on Freezing Colostrum but first a update.. I missed the post yesterday, what a day.. I was up before the sun, showered and ready to head off the farm for Eco-farm day about an … Continue reading

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