Monday’s was a Lambing Day..

Four Ewe’s Decided Monday March 4th was a good day to have babies.

Carmel -Ewe1: One large healthy chocolate ewe lamb who just happened to have its cord wrapped around its neck, but it was removed and she is fine. Ton’s of milk on this ewe. This female is currently nicknamed Shady Lady πŸ™‚ * I finally have a single lamb with a mother that lots of milk and so I can start a share milking program with Carmel, she will become my first milking sheep of the 2019.

Spot-Ewe2: older female who I expected one lamb, had two, one normal, one tiny, and she had a rough go and does not currently have milk in. So we held Ewe1 and gotten these two to nurse 4 to 6 times so they have gotten their needed first milk from a mature ewe and now will do a shared milk program and be bottle babies Both White with flecks of brown and color tipped ears.

My mom asked to give name to these two, she asked them to be called Halo (for the biggest of the two and HoneyDew for the littlest) I can’t allow myself to get attached to the point of names yet plus they are both rams. So I will call them H1 and H2. They are now both on the bottle with powdered sheep milk replacer. They are still both alive 24 hours in.

Areo -Ewe3- (as a first timer, I expected a single baby) had a lovely set of twins, great birthing, lots of milk, strong babies. One Chocolate with white head spot and one pure white. Both Ewe lambs, the very dark chocolate with the white head is the strongest of the two and is a very strong nursing baby, the white is a little lighter and not quite as strong, She is in a little jacket to help keep her warmth in and I will be watching, they might need to be moved to a more secure jug as the temps are to dip quite a bit tonight to -27 So far they are both doing good in the big barn.. we will see if I need to move them up to the croft for a few days.

Maude-Ewe4-Β  she is in pre-labour at the same time Ewe 3 went and so as I was playing moving the ewe’s in the jugs, claimed on the newborns.. not her newborns but Areo’s wee white babe.. so finally got Maude out and into her own birthing jug.. She has two HUGE lambs, the biggest of all lambs born and she had to break the mold LOL she is the first ewe that has both a female and male πŸ™‚ They are both doing good at this time. Both full white just like their momma.

With these girls now lambed out, it means that we have only one ewe left and then the 2019 lambing season will be done and will be all about growing out.. I am just thrilled at how the lambs are looking.

It was a busy day with seven little ones joining the lambs, so to date we have had six sets of twins and one single for a total of 13 lambs born to date.

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5 Responses to Monday’s was a Lambing Day..

  1. Congratulations! What a fast and full season.

  2. Silveryew says:

    What a lovely update<3 Hope everything is smooth with your last ewe as well ^_^

  3. Widdershins says:

    What a wonderful bunch of new life! πŸ˜€ … you must be exhausted. πŸ™‚

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