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How to make Beestling Farmer Cheese

Beestings Farmers Cheese 2 pints [20 ounces] new milk 1 cup [8 ounces] Beestings Milk * Colostrum (1st day if possible but can use up to day 3) Combine the two milks together. In a large heavy flat-bottomed ideally steel … Continue reading

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Asian Inspired Brawn (Amazing Head Cheese)

Another favorite thing to do with an overabundance of piggy parts is to make this Asian-inspired brawn. If I call it tête de fromage or souse, no one knows what I’m talking about, and “headcheese” puts people right off, so … Continue reading

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Rendering Lard- Pasture Raised Heritage Pork Fat

My computer binged and it was a friend of mine.. would you like a couple bags of Freshly done but now frozen of Pasture raised heritage organic pork fat. I was like ok, two bags, maybe three? Well her one … Continue reading

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Breaded Lamb Heart with Recipe

As those that have been reading the blog for awhile or poked around, you know that I like to use everything possible from the critters I raise on the farm. This is a really great way to use heart that’s … Continue reading

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Creamed Pork Spleen on Toast-Recipe

Well, I have to admit that finding recipes for pigs spleen on the net or in my books is like finding hens teeth. I tapped my old cookbooks, nothing, I tapped my elders, nothing (they didn’t eat it) I dug … Continue reading

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