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Crispy Cornmeal Baked Brussel Sprouts

Crispy Cornmeal Coated Baked Brussel Sprouts Looking for a new way to serve roasted Brussel Sprouts? 1 pound of Brussel Sprouts (baby full size) or full size trimmed and cut in half 1/4th cup of cornmeal 1 tsp of course … Continue reading

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Red Carrot Slaw Side Salad

Red Carrot Slaw Salad I was craving a hearty lunch salad that would fill me up and keep me going! This lovely loaded Red Russian Dressing Carrot Slaw Salad certainly did the trick! Red Carrot Slaw Recipe Three med carrots, … Continue reading

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Savory Fall Venison Heart Stew

  Venison Heart Fall Stew Recipe This stew is made with a Venison Heart but it could be a young lamb or goat heart instead. Fall is hunting season and butcher season on the farms.  One of the things I … Continue reading

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Cabbage Rolls -Pork with Coucous Recipe

This was a half batch of six very nice large Cabbage Rolls but it could very easily be doubled for a nice big feed of four or five people. This half batch feed us supper and a full work lunch … Continue reading

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Canadian Northern Spruce Tip Salt

I adore my spruce tips, I use them in many ways.. I always make spruce tip salt and spruce tip sugar, I make a full pint of each every year for cooking though out the year to come. While the … Continue reading

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Carrot Ginger Rhubarb Flower Soup

If you have never eaten rhubarb flowers or to prepare them properly, check out this basic post 🙂 So the day, I served a side dish at a meal of rhubarb flower and we got talking about that they have … Continue reading

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Beef an Veggie pie recipe

The Raw fixins are shown above. Beef Pot Pie Recipe 1 pound stewing beef (in this case, grass-fed, homestead raised) 2 large clove of garlic (local of course, if at all possible, available china produced garlic, its been bleached) 1 … Continue reading

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