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Seedless Concord Grape Pie

Do you like Welsh Grape juice or jelly? Do you love that amazing burst of deep grape flavour.. then let me introduce you to Concord Grape Pie.  I have read about it in some of my older cookbooks and a … Continue reading

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Blueberry Pie

This Weekend we picked just shy of 18 pounds of really nice blueberries and that means many bags of blueberries went into the freezer for use though out the coming year. I saved out enough fresh ones for a pie. … Continue reading

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Red Grape Pie

Red Grape Pie came about because its yummy and those grapes needed to be used up. You see somehow huge awesome seeded grapes came into the house.. and there they sat.. because opps seeded. So they were not getting eaten … Continue reading

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Cherry Pie on a cold snow bound winter day..

We got nailed with a good little snow storm and we are back down into bitter cold temps right now.. got 8 inches of snow yesterday, more coming today and woke up to -25 without the wind chill added to … Continue reading

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Rabbit Tenderlion Pot Pie

I made a batch of lard based pie dough, it’s the tender Flake Recipe on the Box, it’s so simple and if it’s worked properly, it’s a very nice flakey pie crust If you want to learn more about pie … Continue reading

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Beef an Veggie pie recipe

The Raw fixins are shown above. Beef Pot Pie Recipe 1 pound stewing beef (in this case, grass-fed, homestead raised) 2 large clove of garlic (local of course, if at all possible, available china produced garlic, its been bleached) 1 … Continue reading

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