Seedless Concord Grape Pie

Do you like Welsh Grape juice or jelly? Do you love that amazing burst of deep grape flavour.. then let me introduce you to Concord Grape Pie. 

I have read about it in some of my older cookbooks and a number of church cookbooks from ontario all have Concord Grape Pie.. I have to admit that I read it and went hmm..  the process seemed a little time consuming.. and it is a touch but ITS SO WORTH IT.. 

You see its a seedless pie. I mean if you have ever eaten a concord grape, that big green pulpy grape inside is loaded with seeds.. and most folks do not like that much seed in their pie.  I do not mind some seeds depending on the fruit but I can see why this extra step helps make this pie a touch magic.. 

And is it magic, I kept taking a bite trying to figure out how to explain it to you.. its rich, its full bodied, its so grape and yet, its balanced.. Its a delight!


You take the skins off the grapes and set them to the side..  then you take the skinless grapes and you can give them a mash and then though a mill, I was doing such a small amount (I made a 4 inch pie) I just did it in my little screen.. but if I was doing larger amounts I would use the berry screen in the food mill.  It would give you the juice, the pulp but spit the seeds out the end..   

The seeds do cling to the flesh so you must give it a mash to help break it up so you can get all the flesh as possable to add back with the juice to the skins.

I made a butter pie crust and I adjusted based on the size of my pie (4 inch)..  using Tapioca flour to thicken the filling with a touch of salt, sugar, it took 35 min to bake to a golden brown at 350 degrees. 

While this is my first Concord Grape Pie, its not my first Grape Pie, I have made Green or Red Grape Pie for over 20 plus years..   The Concord Seedless Pie filling comes out different due to the skinning/deseeding process, it is also a intense pie in regard to flavor. 

My regular Grape pies are lovely and everyone who has them is always surprised they are grape pie but they bake down like most fruit pies and they a lovely spiced fruit filling, where the Concord Grape Pie is a burst of flavors in each bite.. 

I highly recommend adding this lovely pie to be made while the fresh concord grapes are available.

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2 Responses to Seedless Concord Grape Pie

  1. bluestempond says:

    I’m hoping to get a good enough harvest this year to try your recipe. Sounds delicious!

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