Rabbit Tenderlion Pot Pie

I made a batch of lard based pie dough, it’s the tender Flake Recipe on the Box, it’s so simple and if it’s worked properly, it’s a very nice flakey pie crust

If you want to learn more about pie dough in detail check out this pie dough making post.

Now I had intended to make a proper rabbit stew and all fresh but the day got away from me, come on.. you know it happens to you as well and by the time I got to the pies it was later in the afternoon and I needed it to happen much faster then normal.

I grabbed a pint jar of home canned Rabbit Tenderloin and used the juice for  in the gravy and chunked up the amazing rabbit meat and then hit the freezer.. diced potato’s and a veggie mix along with two cups of gravy, onion powder and Montreal steak spice and I am game (as it turned out, I needed more gravy) o well.. everyone loved it anyway..

It turned out to be very quick and easy pie to make because I used my canned rabbit meat, the joy of the tenderloin is that its all boneless white meat.. it retains its flavour in the rabbit in a outstanding way.

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2 Responses to Rabbit Tenderlion Pot Pie

  1. D > Lard doesn’t have a good reputation these days: collestoral and all that. But my goodness you can taste the difference, when it comes to meat pies especially!

    • I have to admit that I do not much like most of the store lards but my home rendered lard from my own pigs is something I am more then willing to use and as I was gifted five bags of about 40 to 50 pounds raw organic pasture raised (no soy, no corn) heritage pig fat, I have so far put up 52 pint jars of it in hot canned process and now sealed and in the cold pantry and I still have one more bag to do and my own pig yet.

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