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Rabbits Manure

I raised meat rabbits on the farm. I got my rabbits at the first small animal and bird sale I could find the very first spring on the farm.  They have been with us the past 14 years now. I … Continue reading

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Rabbit Tenderlion Pot Pie

I made a batch of lard based pie dough, it’s the tender Flake Recipe on the Box, it’s so simple and if it’s worked properly, it’s a very nice flakey pie crust If you want to learn more about pie … Continue reading

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Rabbit Update

Last week we were gifted by a friend that was slowing down her rabbit breeding plans, a four hole grow out set up cage and a two hole mom with full nest box attached to each end set up. The … Continue reading

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So many Baby Bunnies!

The Rabbit Momma’s have been hopping to it over the past few days.. Litter #1 -13 kits, all Black and White Pointed. Tones of hair pulled and at the back corner like she likes to do.. Litter #2 – 9 Kits … Continue reading

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Spring Rabbit Update

Well, its kind of quiet on the quarterly rabbit report for 2017.. the three new does are now out of quarantine as is the new buck. So the three new girls have all just been breed, so we should have … Continue reading

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Introducing the New Doe’s

I am thrilled with my new Rabbit Doe’s, we have had lovely large breed meat style rabbits on the farm since the first spring we moved here and I expect they will continue to be here for many more years to … Continue reading

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Reader Question- Rabbits

Wanted meat rabbits for some time now so your info was valued. Starting as a “newbie” could you suggest any good books with step be step info. Like how big the hutches are to be, food requirements, common medical problems/etc … Continue reading

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Pulled BBQ Rabbit

We had pulled BBQ Rabbit with lovely mashed potato’s and just steamed Broccoli.. so good.. this lovely meat could have been put into a bun for a more traditional look So how to get to the point of the above.. I … Continue reading

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Baked Rabbit on a bed of Dates and Onion.. Flash Back Fridays Recipe

Looking for a interesting way to use up a nice big old rabbit leg with thigh attached, this is a lovely way to do so, serve with a side of mashed, or green salad or mixed fresh veggies.. This is … Continue reading

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Winter Rabbit Update

Towards the end of the month, I will start the does back up on the rabbit breeding program, everyone is in good shape, they are all nicely weighted but are not fat either, which is perfect, I have enjoyed the … Continue reading

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