BBQ Rabbit Wings

Baked BQQ Rabbit Wings are a delightful treat.  You can change up the flavours making them sweet and sour or spicy or honey garlic. If it works with regular chicken wings flavour wise. It will work with rabbit “Wings”

What are Rabbit Wings? They are the rabbits front legs cut into two, one will be the thin front wing and the other will be the bigger meatier back wing part.  They are different then regular wings because they do not have the crispy skins.

I like to add them up in a freezer bag until ready for a bigger feast of them and then I soak them in salt water for at 24 hours in the fridge and then bake them in roasting pan with seasonings, at least salt and pepper (and remember to save your pan drippings for soup base) Bake until tender.

Drain them out and add your sauce over them, crank you your oven and back in uncovered to brown up the edge bits and bake your BBQ glace on nice and sticky! Serve hot!

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4 Responses to BBQ Rabbit Wings

  1. Thanks! I can use more rabbit recipes for the next time The Man brings one home.

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