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Steak with Spaghetti Squash Recipe

I have given a lot of thought to how I wanted to share in a casual way on No Buy Feb and March Pantry Challenge. I want to give myself loads of flexibility and yet at the same time have … Continue reading

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No Buy November 2019

It is No Buy November and we certain need it this year.. I have done this challenge in years past as a way to remind myself to not hit that “holiday” splurge that is SO easy to get caught up … Continue reading

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How to make a Basic Rabbit Stew

Is there anything better on a cold winter day then a bowl of hot stick to your ribs stew? In this case is a filling tasty rabbit stew.  We made a big enough pot that it made 8 big portions … Continue reading

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March Pantry Challange 2017

March Pantry Challenge started back in 2011, it was a simple statement and much more difficult goal.. Eat out of your pantry only for the month of march. 2011 was the year of finding gaps, and I mean gaps, if … Continue reading

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Fry Bread

I just adore the ability to take some a bit of bread dough from my bread, bun or pizza bread and turn it into fry bread.. This was a nice basic milk bread, perfect for anything you want to use … Continue reading

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Rabbit Butchery and Frugal Eating.. Getting the most of your rabbit..

If you are raising your own rabbits and you want to use every part of those yummy rabbits, if you are buying rabbit in the store (yikes on the price, at our local stores, you are looking at around 20 … Continue reading

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Ten dollar a week Grocery challange for Jan..

Now I did this challange last year in Feb, but I’m moving it to Jan, I have to admit that am a touch worried with the increase in food costs that this will be a bit harder this year then … Continue reading

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