Fry Bread

I just adore the ability to take some a bit of bread dough from my bread, bun or pizza bread and turn it into fry bread.. This was a nice basic milk bread, perfect for anything you want to use this dough for.


I use fry bread as my wraps for stirfries, for breakfast wraps and just as is, so good with a touch of butter and jam.

Farmgal Tip of the Day – Use a six inch or eight inch round sandwich plate as your model, you can roll your dough, you can hand pull your dough, but I like to do this for getting a even spread.. I find a plate that is just under the size of the cast iron fry pan I will be using at med heat, and I hand work the dough till its about half the size, then I drop it down onto the plate and use the plate to level and push out the rest of it.


then slip a pantry knife or a regular knife to help lift the edges and peel it off and into the pan. as you can see below, I do not touch it until it gets that bubble look on it. Then flip and brown and serve or wrap in a cloth to keep warm if making more of them.


It was served with my high bush cranberry jelly and a touch of butter.. a delightful meal indeed.




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3 Responses to Fry Bread

  1. Kelli says:

    Could you please post the recipe for your milk bread?

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