Brussel Sprouts 2015 and Roasted Recipe

I am 5, 10 and as you can see even falling over a bit, those are some nice looking brussel sprout plants growing up around the Bean Teepee for 2015, I also put some in a different bed (but the birds found them and nom, nom..)


They still have a good amount of time to grow, they were not harvested till the first of Nov.. The great thing about this plant is that its 100 percent useable on the farm, we get our foodstuff and everything from the leaves, stem to the roots can and was eaten by the pigs. I adore plants like that..


More time to grow, so this is what they looked like once ready to harvest


an because it can be hard to tell size with these photos,  I will show one in the hand


I process my Brussels in three ways.. First, we eat some fresh! So good, we use them in fun ways like my Sausage and Brussel Sprout Soup and of course you must have Roasted Sprouts, they are amazing.

But when it comes to putting them up, I have tried canning over the years and I just do not like the results, I will not recommend it. I do like slicing them into quarter inch thick rounds and drying them for future use in soups, stews and so forth but the main way I put them up is to freeze them, I measure them out into 3 cup bags and I blanch and freeze them up for future use.

Farmgal Tip of the Day, Introduce the family to Brussel Sprouts with the recipe below, even little ones will be impressed.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts are amazing! Take your sprouts, slice in half, drizzle good oil over them, toss to evenly coat them, salt, pepper and into a hot oven at 400 for about 20 min till golden and got some crispy on them, a touch of butter, perhaps a tiny touch of seasoning salt or more fresh salt on top and serve.


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11 Responses to Brussel Sprouts 2015 and Roasted Recipe

  1. Karla says:

    I love brussel sprouts! I’ve never tried them oven roasted though. A new thing to try.

  2. loridorchak says:

    Yum Brussels sprouts are awesome.
    Hard to believe i hated them as a kid
    What was wrong with me?

    • I was not found of them either, but that was because they were always served whole, boiled.. and with vingar over top, like my folks did with spinach.. ehh.. I like stirfried, I like baked, I like them in soups, but I still do not care for them plain boiled and I never serve them with butter and vinager on top. so while I have grown to like them, I still do not care for the childhood version I was raised with

      • Karla says:

        i like them lightly boiled, not over cooked though, with butter, salt and pepper, sauteed, or even raw. Never had them with vinegar and don’t think I want to. Spinach was served like that when I was in grade school, a big blackish blog dropped on your plate and vinegar poured on it. I still have a hard time with spinach to this day.

      • hmmm, Maybe I need to try your way and see if I like it.. I will give it a try in the next day or two, I had to relearn to like spinach for the same reason..

  3. ForestFun says:

    The other day on Facebook, you asked a question about what folks would grow if only 3 or 6 items. I have to say that one of the first things that popped into my head was Brussel Sprouts. We love them so much and even locally grown ones are expensive here in Maine. We don’t have garden space yet (hopefully in our next place) but I would probably attempt growing these when we do have some. We eat the roasted ones like candy and maybe enjoy them more than candy.

    • Hi Forestfun,

      Very interesting that you like them that much, I liked everyones answers so far, I plan to do a small Series on that very question with details on why each thing would be chosen by me and the history that would go with it. Very interesting, I would want to do some research into if you can use the leaves of the plant like a kale or green, it would expand its food producing ability if so. I can understand eating the roasted ones like candy, that is what I had for my breakfast today, a small pan of oven roasted sprouts, while untradional to say the least, it was perfect, hot, filling and o so tasty

      They do require a good amount of space, I am expanding into growing the purple ones an a few new kinds, I will report back if any would do better in smaller spacing or how the taste of the purple is compared to the green.

      Can you get the purple ones in your area and have you tried them to date

  4. Wow. I’ve not had such success with Brussels sprouts. But I do love to eat them. 🙂

    • glad you liked the post, I find they need a lot of room, more then the books say, I give each plant 4 square feet of ground space and I do full sun and bed them down with straw at base, I did need to water them in a few hot an dry weeks this summer. They are good eating for sure

  5. Deborah says:

    Mmmm… these look really good. I look forward to trying this very soon 🙂

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