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Milk Bread Recipe

Here is your recipe as requested, This is as close as I can get cuz to tell the truth I winged it like normal.. 1 and 1/2 cups warmed milk, you just need to heat the milk to body temp, … Continue reading

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The danger of a food glut-Pantry Woes

It does not matter if you buy in bulk at the farmers market, buy in bulk from your local farmer or be a homesteader, old or new at the living off the land, one of the big challenges is food … Continue reading

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Fry Bread

I just adore the ability to take some a bit of bread dough from my bread, bun or pizza bread and turn it into fry bread.. This was a nice basic milk bread, perfect for anything you want to use … Continue reading

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Heavy Dual Bird Growout 2015 – Speckled Sussex

This grow out had a number of challenges, the least of which are that I got chicks at three different times of the year, so they have to be compared to where they are fair more then If I had … Continue reading

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