Ten dollar a week Grocery challange for Jan..

Now I did this challange last year in Feb, but I’m moving it to Jan, I have to admit that am a touch worried with the increase in food costs that this will be a bit harder this year then last, but I will once again take a photo of each shopping trip/total.

Here is example of the week, the rest of them can be found in Feb month if you want to look them up..

The Rules are the same as last year, everything available from the farm and the pnntry are allowed, critters are exempt, the ten dollars per week are for human use only. I am making it a bit more challanging this year because I don’t have a in milk sheep yet.

I’m heading into this challange with a good amount of fresh in the house, five green apples, a full head of green cabbage, four onions, 2 heads of broccoli, one honeydue melon, ten pds of carrots.

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11 Responses to Ten dollar a week Grocery challange for Jan..

  1. I’m in. 🙂 However, I should admit that I have a local roaster chicken and 50 lbs ground beef in the trunk of the car that need to be cooked. The beef is destined for canning. They were bought in December, though. I’ll report on the blog if I buy anything.

  2. grammomsblog says:

    I’d hate to deplete my stores of foods ……… besides with all the company I have until the middle of January, I would likely exceed the challenge limits.
    I will set my own ‘challenge’ $$ limits though…. thanks for the suggestion.

  3. thatoldschoolgirl says:

    Stupid question – what if a food item goes on sale for a really good price? Do you not buy it because of the challenge? Sweet potatoes are on sale 59 cents a pound. I bought $10.00 worth on Sat and was going to buy more this week. Which would void the challenge on the first day.

    • The standard rule on this in the past (because most of us that have done the challange, tend to shop the sales) came up with was this, if there was a great sale, we could buy them and put them up but they could not be used in the challange for the month of eating without counting them.

      Example, you could buy 4 or 5 pds of sweet potato’s for your 3ish dollars for use during the month and count it in your first week of ten dollars, then if you wanted you can buy and prepare and store/dry or can or cook and freeze or store in pantry etc another ten or twenty or fifty pds for future use.

      While living out of your pantry on a very limited funds is very good at finding weak spots in your pantry and can make you see things quite differently (part of the goal for sure) depleting our pantry and or passing on sales is not part of the goal.

      What we did last time was if and when we got stuff on sale, we just boxed it and set it aside and didn’t put anything into storage or rotation until after the month challange was done, hope that helps answer your question..

      • thatoldschoolgirl says:

        Perfect. My food shopping for the last few months has been mostly sale items for long term food storage. Sweet potatoes are for dehydrating into chips for snacking when I get back to work.

  4. calliek says:

    I’m slow to jump in but we’re on board- mainly because we’re both off work right now and $10/week is about all we have!

  5. Grocery challenge so far:
    Week 1- 2 gallons of milk, 2 bunches bananas, carton of appple juice – $15.41
    Week 2 – 2 gallons of milk, 2 bunches bananas – $14.??
    Week 3 – decided it’s far harder to do this since our cow isn’t milking right now and most of what we’re buying is milk….so Bump (due in April) gets $5/week too since he’s craving lots of fresh fruit and we’ve run out of what we had stored. 1 gallon of milk, 5lbs each apples & oranges, 4 grapefruit, carton pinapple juice, 2kg spaghetti – $19.56. We’ll need another gallon of milk this week as well.
    Examples of some menu items from the last few weeks from food from our freezer & coldroom:
    Potatoe Salmon cakes w/ green tomato chow chow
    Salmon with red rice & veg
    Spaghetti Puttanesca
    Roast Beef & fixings
    Beef & Barley soup
    Roast Pork & fixings
    Curried couscous w/ fruit, veg & nuts
    Also lots of eggs, fresh bread & cheese.
    Supper tonight – Confit Duck with roasted root vegetables.

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