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So many Baby Bunnies!

The Rabbit Momma’s have been hopping to it over the past few days.. Litter #1 -13 kits, all Black and White Pointed. Tones of hair pulled and at the back corner like she likes to do.. Litter #2 – 9 Kits … Continue reading

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Reader Question- Rabbits

Wanted meat rabbits for some time now so your info was valued. Starting as a “newbie” could you suggest any good books with step be step info. Like how big the hutches are to be, food requirements, common medical problems/etc … Continue reading

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Tippy Toes Kits.. What a colorful Litter!

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Rabbit hutch, Rabbit Growouts, Rabbit Grazers..

Well, it was that time, one of the rabbit hutches, needed to have its floor rebuilt, every couple years, we find that we need to take off and redo the wire hard cloth flooring on the rabbit hutches, and this … Continue reading

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Sally’s first litter coming on two weeks old now..

They say, first there is five of us, not six, three browns, one black and one flash little trimmed white baby.. our eyes are open, our fur is fully in and we are growing well, the white trimmed and the … Continue reading

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