Tippy Toes Kits.. What a colorful Litter!

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8 Responses to Tippy Toes Kits.. What a colorful Litter!

  1. Okay, here comes the really stupid question of the day… does the color of the bunny affect the color of the meet. I wouldn’t ask, but I have heard specifically with rabbits that this was the case.

    • The coat color has possible temperament traits and can have recessive traits linked to line breeding for certain colors but coat colors do Not effect the meat color, texture, flavour, that is controlled by genetics, health and feed.

      Now big breeders can get a penalty for colored rabbits as they often prefer pure white or pure colored hides as a off market but one that adds up a lot to the processing plants, but for small home scale, no effect at all, other then pretty and different pelts.

      I have raised and butchered out every color of rabbit hide over the past 9 years on the farm, and never seen a difference..

      • That makes a lot more sense. Thank you! I’m still trying to talk the wife into trying some rabbit. I think she hesitates because she knows we would like them and then end up raising them. Grow the farm, I say! Bring on the bunnies!

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    By the look of her litter, I’d say Tippy Toes is the rabbit version of a Calico Cat. Can’t wait to see how these little guys continue to develop: )

    • the funny thing is that she is solid black herself with just the tips of her front paws and her nose have a tiny bit of white, she was breed to blue my blue broken back buck. She is the smallest doe I have ever owned, she is what is considered a medium size rabbit, I will be interested to see how it effects grow out rates..

  3. Marie says:

    If you need any help cuddling bunnies I bet I can persuade my kids to help. :p

  4. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    So, what are these little guys looking like, now that they’re bigger?

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