Bruise Report!- one week in..

Well, I will be the first one to admit that I was stunned at how well this is healing, I am very sure that it is in large part due to the comfry, violets, lambs ear and plaintan I have been using, I have never seen a bruise recover colorwise at this rate, you can see the pooled blood change in the hour that its one.. amazing..

However what it can’t change as easily is the hard lump that runs four inches wide by about six inches in length in the middle of the bruised area, its clearly going to take a good while to clear.

I have increased my green and orange colored foods, I am making sure I get carrot, or sweet potato daily, I make sure I get at least double the normal amount of fresh greens and I am being careful to pick greens that pack a heck of a punch health wise, I have added in eating fresh mints/dill daily in some way.

I continue to make a drink a pot of nettle and wild violet tea often, and use a healing salve to boot..

2012-12-24 479 (474x500)

And here it is a week later! sorry didn’t get the post up on the right day but the photo was taken on the correct day πŸ™‚

2012-12-24 503 (491x500)

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7 Responses to Bruise Report!- one week in..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Oh yowzah! It’s looking so much better now, but jeepers, no wonder your whole body was in shock after an insult like that! Still thinking of you daily! Hugs, D.

  2. O ya, its going to take time to heal and the leg gets tired and I can’t push it at all yet, but on the other hand, its doing well overall.

    I did order a german cow kant kick for Girl, I just am at that age, where I can’t take a risk on something like this happening again, I hate the idea of hobbles (I did order a proper fitted set of those as well), this one uses a pressure point, I will do a full post on it..

    It was to be in today but the co-op, said not yet but they were going to call and get the tracking number and get back to me on it.

  3. elizabeth says:

    Oh yes, the ‘here comes the adhesion’ time of a bruise. Eep. This is when you want to start massaging closer to the edges of the lump, working from the edge to the centre and then back out to the edge. This hopefully keeps the scar tissue from solidifying into said ‘lump’. Did that make any sense? πŸ™‚ So, more than one reason to ‘rub it’, both to interrupt the pain signal to the brain initially, and now to keep the circulation flushing everything out of the area.
    Could you post the ratio you use for your poultice? It appears to be wonderfully effective!
    Thank you,
    Elizabeth RMT

    • Thanks, I will indeed keep rubbing it, I am assuming at this time, I should not be trying to go very deep, I am going to the point, I can feel it but bare hints of pain only.

      The ratio changes, I am currently at twice a day, just comfry only, the rest of the time, I would guess that I am at 50 percent comfry, 30 present plantain, 15 percent wild violets and 5 percent lambs ear.

      but when it was fresh on the first day or two, it would have been 30 percent comfry, 30 percent plaintain (a mix of wide and narrow), 30 percent mix of wild violet greens/flowers and 10 percent lambs ear..

      I needed to bring down the swelling and take out the heat a lot more in the first couple days, now I am just working to draw out and flush the blood out of the bruise itself, unless I push it to hard and then I need to add a bit more to bring down the heat and swelling..

      Hope that helps and makes sense.

  4. Marie says:

    My toes curl every time I look at that. Ow ow ow ow!

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