Sometimes Shopping can be fun!

Well, I admit that I had my eye on a certain farm sale, when a farm has been in the same family for over a hundred and twenty years and they say. cheese making supplies, butter churns, dairy items and large cookbook collection, you have me hooked.

They also had lots of horse drawn equipment and carts etc.

We were late, late up, chores took longer then planned as we needed to double up on a few things before leaving etc but we made good time and arrived only half hour late, but the wagon with all kinds of household things that I would have been interested in was done, the second large wagon appeared to be filled with house reno stuff.. dang!

Then came the first box of cookbooks, happy dance of joy, that at least I didn’t miss, payed a very fair price on the first couple box’s, even better on the next and then took the whole lot of seven left for five bucks.

Yup 17  boxes of cookbooks and farm related, homestead related books from 1910 to now..

paid up, and we loaded a wagon and caught a ride down a very long driveway, the drive, the company and the haul made it all a very good trip

Yesterday I got a call from Farmer T and asked if I wanted to come off the farm for a few hours to head to town for a bit of a girls trip.. we headed off to the big city on a dress hunt. it was fun, it was filled with laughs, it was shocking, the color choices, the outfits, wow, let me tell ya, if you dressed like that back in my teen days you would have been called a nasty word..

Trying to find that amazing and perfect meet in the middle, in style, cute, flirty and a little darling, when you are told that you want that dress to “pop”, you got to find one that does just that..

We had been though a number of dress’s and shops and then “the one was found” it was perfect for her in so many ways! and then I got to do something I normally only get to do when I am out in alberta, I got to have the joy of finding little things to go with that matched and gift them! It does a heart good be able to do this.

Giving gifts to adults is well and good and I like to do so, but when you give a gift to a child and you get it right, their eyes light up, they are so alive and in the moment! Perfect!

It was a blast, we were able to find matching hair, clutch purse and funky sunglasses to go with the dress itself, and even better, everyone was  in and out at the mall, we are all happy to go, happy to share that time but we were all just as happy to get out of that canned air, that indoor and enclosed space and get back to the country..

It was a good weekend, it was filled with shopping, I did get a few things on sunday, I got some really nice fabic headbands/head coverings, and of course had to bring home a few treats for the hubby..

Our final buying item of the weekend was some fresh just done bales of hay from last week, its in good condition and its perfect for my milking cow!

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