Asking for more.. Brandy

Sometimes my horse amazes me.. I often think she can do so many more things then I am aware of.. if I just asked it of her..

Know I can’t take the credit on this, well maybe a little bit but not that much, first Brandy is who is she is.. and I understand and allow her to express that, she is a younger active and healthy horse in her prime years as a nine year old. She is a playful horse and a nature boss, both in the sense of will push back but also in the sense that she feels a sense of care for the herd she shares her pasture with.

I do take credit for working with her and creating a good solid bond and for small daily training sessions but at the same time, she gets full credit for always seeking me out and wanting to be with me ever single chance she gets

Yesterday, I needed her strength, got her into her harness gear and it was in a very tight spot, I had not planned on needing her in this way and so I was asking her to work in harness for the first time in a while in a very hard way.. she could not have been better, she did everything I asked her to do and then some..

When that weight hit her, and she stopped and looked at me, and I said, walk up.. she just took one step back and then powered though it but with care.. when I asked her to hold even as she had to pull forward to do so.. she did it with grace.

As I said, in a tight space we did this, and I had to pretty much crawl around her legs, under her belly, and even if she lifted a leg to kick at flies, she was careful not to get me.

I gave her a hug when done and she gave me one right back.

This morning, while moving the cow from the barn, one pasture and up to a spot in another pasture, I was able to voice command the horse in ground work in such as way as to work the cow to where I wanted her..

It was a dance, the cow will move very easily for the horse, and so I used ground work and control to move the cow from point A, to B, to C, to D..

It was fun, the cow was not stressed, the horse enjoyed both working the cow and working with me, and I had a blast doing it.

I am so doing something with brandy this long weekend, be it in the saddle or in the buggy!

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4 Responses to Asking for more.. Brandy

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    I’ve tears in my eyes. What a team!
    SO glad you listened to that inner voice and made the decision to bring her home!!
    You go girl(s; )!

  2. Isn’t it amazing how some animals can bond with you so well that they respond not only to commands, but almost intuitively. It’s amazing. What a blessing!

  3. Marie says:

    That’s so awesome. 🙂

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