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New Buns..

A couple weeks ago, I butchered all the grow out buns at that time, currently we have one litter of seven at the cute four week stage and a litter of brand new day olds, and one doe expecting any … Continue reading

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Tippy Toes Kits.. What a colorful Litter!

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Tippy Toes new kits..

Seven little healthy and very colorful new kits..

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Time for a little Rabbit Update..

So there will be photos coming of the kits, they are coming five weeks and are looking great! Very healthy and growing at excellent rates.. Their mother did a great job as a first time younger doe, the only thing … Continue reading

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A Walk-about..

First off, I am thrilled to say that my goose lady, let me know that the goslings have hatched, now to see if the sex’s I want are there, that will take a few days to be sure of.. So … Continue reading

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Sally is a new momma.. A nest full of kits!

Sally had her kits yesterday, which just happens to be neice #2 8th birthday! Happy Birthday HP, wish we lived closer and could have come for that yummy strawberry shortcake your momma made you! Sally is a purebred but given … Continue reading

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