Time for a little Rabbit Update..

So there will be photos coming of the kits, they are coming five weeks and are looking great! Very healthy and growing at excellent rates.. Their mother did a great job as a first time younger doe, the only thing I would ask is that ideally she has more kits in her next litter, I like to see the does have between six to nine babies if at all possible.

Tippie Toes is breed and due this month and Adele didn’t want to breed at all but now she is pulling hair like she is going to have kits but If she is, she was breed before I got her (which she was not to be ) and she would be overdue to boot.. she is a mystery on what she thinks she is doing.. but she has built a nest to have them in.

2012-12-24 350 (500x375)

This is my favorite of the litter, this little one has the same great amazingly awesome temperament that its daddy does.. adore this little bun.

2012-12-24 352 (500x389)

The three brown are wild in temp and are total goons in their fear reflex’s, zoom, zoom, gone.. the black bun is the meet in the middle, it is slower to come and slower to explore then the little white patched bun but its just a little shy, and then it comes around..

2012-12-24 353 (500x375)

They all have amazing coats and I like that I can cut down on their feed bills now that its summer time, the perfect time to have the litters and grow them out at the cheapest possible way.

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2 Responses to Time for a little Rabbit Update..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Go figure that the brown ones are wild; they couldn’t look much more like a Cottontail except for their funny muzzle/chin markings, that is… (Are you sure she didn’t favour a Deer Mouse or Chinchilla as well?; )
    Your favourite is very cute – LOVE the dark whiskers and lashes – and how the little black bun appears to be munching, but you can tell he/she’s actually keeping an eye (and an ear; ) on you, LOL!: )

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