Glenda is Two Weeks Old Today!

2012-12-24 354 (500x364)

She is huge and she drinks far more milk in a day then I was feeding either of the calf’s we raised on the bucket, makes wonder what the difference in growth rates will be etc. You see that little pink think to the right side, that is my little luceted handle  on her luceted collar. we are going along better at going forward on the lead, You hold the loop and then give a gentle tap on the rear and she will walk forward with you, she still hates to be “lead” but she will now walk nicely by you.. Its a start right..

2012-12-24 355 (500x375)

Can you believe that when I made that last week that I thought it would last her two or three weeks in size, she is growing so  much faster that I expected.  I will need to take it off and make her a new one this week again. She is trying to graze with Girl and Brandy, I am not sure she gets much in, but she mouths it and will come up with bits of green so maybe she is, she has also learned to put her head in the water tubs, I have never seen her drink per say but she loves to mimic her momma on most things..

2012-12-24 356 (500x375)

I do like her white tail tip, I had hoped for a pretty brown and white spotted calf but I will take my pretty red-brown cow that will end up the same color as her momma.. She looks more like her father face and body wise at the same age then she does like Girl, but she does have Girls ears 🙂

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4 Responses to Glenda is Two Weeks Old Today!

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    LOL! She’s just got Attitude written all over her, doesn’t she?! Is this her Poppa’s personality as well?
    Hmm, Alpha female at two weeks… Superior breeding, superior feeding, superior intelligence?
    And Obedience for calves; now would that be similar to what you’d do with a puppy?

    • She does remind me more of her poppa, in temperament as well as looks, he was always very self-able, I know that sounds kinda funny but girl from the day she arrived stunned me with her ablility to think, and react with me, I thought she was a clever little calf but when I realized that within a week that she was taking commands, I knew that she was something special and I still feel that way..

      when I got Marty, he was big and healthy and strong and I liked him but he never bonded with the same way as Girl and he never wanted to please me, Glenda is the same as her poppy in that way, she is interested in me, she is a nice calf but she is not her momma..

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Say, I just had a thought… You “knew” ahead of time that Marty was not staying, right? So, what if you’re holding part of yourself back, subconciously – because of what you know – and they can tell: first Marty, then Pippa and now Glenda… (Just call it “The Farmer’s Dilemma”):

      • I hear what you are saying deb, but you need to remember that Girl came as a freezer camp calf as well and for the first couple weeks I was sure she was going that way, no questions asked but! then she was totally awesome and won me over..

        Brandy did the same, I mean honesty, the first time I meet her, I knew! I wanted to share my world and my heart with her, Pippin.. not so much, even after I had decided that we would keep him around for brandy and for full training till we could find him a good home, so that he didn’t go for meat, I still knew and told Dh, that even if it took six months or year or two or three, he was not staying, he was a project baby, not a you are mine!

        Miss Piggy is the same, when I went to pick her, I got to choose between her and a number of her sisters and he even caught one, and I looker her in the eye and, but when he picked up Miss Piggy and she cuddled in and settled and looked me In the eye, I knew, just like I knew that It would not bother me one bit when Angelo went. Miss Tooties is the same, I like her, I could move her to a new home tomorrow or send her to freezer camp.

        Sheep do it to me as well, I could send 90 percent of them to freezer camp without blinking but I would be bawling my face off if I was told that I had to do that to my wonderful Dirty Face milking sheep girl, she has a forever home till old age.

        I think its that when you have a number of them, you get a feel for the really special ones, in goats it was my wonderful one female, but when she passed, I was fine with moving the rest of the goats, they had really only been there to keep her company, not because I was attached to them but was in fact to her..

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