Sally is a new momma.. A nest full of kits!

Sally had her kits yesterday, which just happens to be neice #2 8th birthday! Happy Birthday HP, wish we lived closer and could have come for that yummy strawberry shortcake your momma made you!

Sally is a purebred but given that the dad blue is a 3rd gen farmgal crossed buck, her kits are a mix for sure 🙂 As sally is a solid, I could have been knocked over to see that she produced a broken white with trim.. (somewhere back in her background, someone slipped something in for a trait they wanted and then bred the color back in!

The truth is I got her for her body type and coat type/color, so I don’t much care if she can throw color as long as she is a good breeder, and mom.

So far I have barely peeked in the nest, I pulled back the hair, snapped this photo, tried my best to a head count (I think six or so?) and then got out of her box, in a couple days I will be able to go back in and check more, I can peek in the box but as long as the kits are in their puddle and covered in hair, I will let momma be.

2012-12-24 069 (500x375)

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