Rabbit hutch, Rabbit Growouts, Rabbit Grazers..

Well, it was that time, one of the rabbit hutches, needed to have its floor rebuilt, every couple years, we find that we need to take off and redo the wire hard cloth flooring on the rabbit hutches, and this one had held for five years but was in need, so for the low cost of 17 dollars plus a bit of work time, its now looking as good as new, the cloth has been replace in total, the hing’s updated and new screws in the place..  Everyone was moved to the grazer pen, their mother is in very good shape considering she is coming off a litter of kits..

2012-12-24 442 (500x375)

The kits have been officially weaned from there mothers as of this weekend and are now actively being used in the rabbit grazing pen, they will be ready for butcher in another four weeks for some tasty young rabbit. I am surprised, every single kit in this litter is a buck.. yup, all boys, and big ones, they are between 3 and 3 and half pds each at six weeks!

2012-12-24 446 (270x500)

You can sure tell where the rabbits have grazed for the day, side by side on the lawn. They won’t be allowed to go much further in that direction as I want that big patch of plaintain to keep growing for me for my own uses.

2012-12-24 473 (500x375)

Remember to always keep water in the grazer pens and ideally if possible, a nice shade cloth and if there is any chance of rain, having a board is a good idea or just bring them back in if its going to rain for hours etc. What I love about this shade cloth is that it lets all the breeze come though but its got a UV protection value to it, and its huge, it covers the whole area and sides so they have shade over the whole area on really hot days.

2012-12-24 447 (500x375)

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3 Responses to Rabbit hutch, Rabbit Growouts, Rabbit Grazers..

  1. dreamfarming says:

    we live in town right now and have a lot of bunnies visiting our yard every day. I could just imagine my husband rounding them up and conscripting them as lawn mowers. lol.

  2. dreamfarming says:

    lol thats for sure. they ate my tiny patch of strawberry’s right down to the soil.:(

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