So many Baby Bunnies!

The Rabbit Momma’s have been hopping to it over the past few days..

Litter #1 -13 kits, all Black and White Pointed. Tones of hair pulled and at the back corner like she likes to do..

Litter #2 – 9 Kits -First time mom, this one is a mix of black, grey and broken with white kits, she had them in a very loose nest but they all have full bellies.

Litter #3-8 kits, Solid Blacks, Solid “grey” and Broken Black and Grey’s, she had them in a tighter nest, not nearly as much hair pulling but they are content little poppers and all have good full bellies, she made a high berm of hay around them and clearly means it.. you just stay in there lol More Broken with white colors in this litter then in the other one.

Litter #4 I almost thought I had somehow messed up my photo taking but I knew I had not.. I was tempted to go back out and move a kit around or two.. and then thought.. nah.. so 9 kits, most of them broken with white, some black, no grey that I could find in this one..  this mother is a littermate sister to litter #2 and has the same male.. her sister’s litter and her own in these photo’s appear so close to each other its crazy, same longer line style.. but I will give you my word, another nine kits and as they get a bit bigger, more and better photos will be coming!

So over three days we had 39 kits born, and 9 weaned into grow out pens. While I am very happy with my girls, I will let them raise the kits for a few weeks before I think about breeding them back again. I thought I would for these four only, do a full track out on them for costs, as I have not done that for a while and because three of the four girls are new to the farm and I want to track growth rates and end results etc.

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3 Responses to So many Baby Bunnies!

  1. Aspenhills says:

    How can you tell what color the babies are, when what I see is mostly pink 🙂

    • Hi Aspenhills while the bunnies are born without fur, the pink will be white, the skin is born black, blue brown or red where the color will be.. now depth of color I can’t tell on a newborn but the basic’s like solid white, black, brown or red I can easily enough, plus I know what colors my lines carry.. the new girls are still a learning curve but I know what colors their parents were and what they “should have” for color genes.

  2. LOVE the pic of litter #4! Such sweet babes: )

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