Introducing the New Doe’s

I am thrilled with my new Rabbit Doe’s, we have had lovely large breed meat style rabbits on the farm since the first spring we moved here and I expect they will continue to be here for many more years to come. Its always a good thing to bring in fresh blood every so often and when I saw these girls come up for sale from a friend of mine in the local rabbit group, I snapped them up!

Meet Choc-O-La, a lovely brown-white Broken Patterned Rex-Cross Meat  Type Doe. I love this girl for so many reason.. almost six pounds at 5 months, amazing Rex type coat.. outstanding temperament. so sweet to handle and those eyes!!!

This lovely Sweetie is Oppa-A-Daisy, she has a amazing Rex type feel and look to her coat, a lovely heavy body, and is just sweet.. sweet..

Last but not least and making me need to build another full hutch at some point in the next while is Fa-La-La, she is a total chunk of a girl, for her age, just a BIG girl and lovely standard type coat, but lots of color to her (in her to throw), good temperament and really pretty markings.

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