Waste not-Want Not -When things in the root cellar go.

I would love to tell you that I am always on top of the fresh stuff but sometimes we want to get something done or some things checked and it just does not happen on time.

Lots of time, we can save them in some way, use some part of them, move them into fodder food for the farm critters or just change the focus.

In this case, the beets have sprouted roots and started sprouting leaves.. nice healthy beets that are game to go to town now that they are sure its spring..

So given the amount of them at least a few pounds, I sent hubby out to get one of the bigger pan’s that at one time held Horse Mineral lick block in it and I filled it with enough soil and pushed the beets into the soil and I have a huge block of them..

Grow those greens! because I am going to steal some of them and the rest.. well, I think I might let some of them go to seed.. we will see…

How is everything holding up in your root cellars? Have you overwintered anything that will be planted out for second year seed production?


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4 Responses to Waste not-Want Not -When things in the root cellar go.

  1. Widdershins says:

    Beet greens, yum! 😀

  2. D > You are so resourceful! We’d do the same with ours – if we had anything left!!!

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