April Garden Overview -2017 Tracking Year Data

Hello Folks, I am going to do my best heading into 2017 to have a big old tracking year, I need to do this and I have the book, the paperwork and the plan..  I will make it happen..

So this is the first month of scales, daily writing of what is coming in.. O the fun.. (not) lol.. but if I can get into a daily habit, it will prove to be much easier.  I think that I will need to get my own little second book for this, its proving at times to take to much room in my current recording book.

April  Costs- 41.60

Output Costs: 41.60

An so it starts..  While I do have a soaping scale, I am going to round things into pounds or fractions of pounds just like I took everything into pints, regardless of the jar size itself..  so it can be a quarter of a pound, half a pound, a pound an so forth.  Yes, I know I am Canadian but I was raised with gallons and pounds, I am the crossover gen and it never stuck any more then it needed to.. give me feet, pounds and inches!

Started in April  A ton of garden seedlings and flowers, I am so rounding this one out for the sake of my fingers and typing.. Needless to say.. I have planted out

  • -7 trays at 72 cells -504 seeds started
  • 3 trays with 24 cells -72 seeds started
  • 2 trays with 12 cells -24 seeds started
  • 5 elderberry cut starts branches
  • 5 High Bush cranberry Starts
  • 6 yellow raspberry cane starts

The real question is how? do I figure out returns on this and I have decided that until its planted in my garden or harvested and eaten.. its just sitting there and growing.. but not cost counted.

Outside, in April, we planted two 15 foot rows of sugar snap peas (that are already up) and 30 feet of regular early harvest short season pea’s (also up) 30 feet of broad Beans (they are also up), I have a 4 by 4 foot patch of self-seeded lettuce up, I have a 2 by 3 foot patch of self-seeded docks coming and I have about a 2 by 8 foot of self-seeded radish’s that are coming up.

Harvested in April (all dried herbs and such will go with Mountain Rose Herb costs per their site)

3 pounds of Coltsfoot for the years supply for dried- 11.50 (2 dollars per oz dried) I will harvest the greens and cut it together at a later point and adjust as needed.

6 pounds of Burdock root –  (really people) 5 dollars a pound for fresh eating and 15 per pound for cubed and dried.. Ok then..  -30 dollars

26 pounds worth of Dandelion heads at 2.50 each (and I am low but they started out smaller and now are much bigger heads)  -86

3 bunches of green onions (this one is tricky, I have both green onions up and coming in but I also have a lot of just the greens of walking onions coming in) 2.99 per bunch -9

8 0z of dried creeping Charlie – 16 (2 per oz)

8 oz of Dried Spring Nettles – 2.25 per oz -18

3 pounds of fresh eating Nettles – 5 dollars per pound (it take a lot of nettles to fill a jar with dried, compared to fresh eating them) -15

I am down to one tray of sprouts for the first half of the month and now am totally eating from the yard and gardens for greens -60

Started in March

  • Sweet and Hot Peppers
  • Tomato’s
  • Kale
  • Pots of Pea’s
  • Put a number of cane and soft fruit seeds into cold damp status
  • True Potato Seed
  • Potted up Sweet Potato Slips
  • Mixed early greens
  • Bloody Dock seeds
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Started a full tub of self-rooting storage beets with tops started that will be transplanted and grown for bi-annual seed collecting for 2017
  • Sprouting potato that will potted up in the same way that will be used for very early summer small fresh eating spuds, rather then waste them at this point.

March imputes: Sprouts -2 trays per day.. organic mixed sprouts each tray is slightly bigger then the tray at the store at 3.99 each.. so that’s 8 dollars per day in sprouts

Total produced : $245.50

  • Jan $161. 40
  • Feb $248
  • March $248
  • April 245.50

March $245.50

Minus – 41.60

March total to the good –203.90

Garden Output to date : In the good $861.30

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