Cherry Pie on a cold snow bound winter day..

We got nailed with a good little snow storm and we are back down into bitter cold temps right now.. got 8 inches of snow yesterday, more coming today and woke up to -25 without the wind chill added to that yet..

So it was delightful to have a pop of color and boost of fat after all that shoveling and extra hauling that needed to be done. hot cuppa coffee and pie is a great stopping point and reward but I see that I will shoveling my deck and walkways this morning again.

egg numbers are slowly increasing daily but I broke a few coming in last night.. the hound got them with their dinner and licked the bowls extra clean.. making turkey stock and the cats got the skins after they were cut up and they loved their treat as well.

Last week we had a warm snap, got up to 1 and sunny and grabbed this photo of sofie (behind) and river kitten in front. She is growing up well over the winter and is slowly learning to be a indoor-outdoor kitty and how to hunt in the outbuildings..  We are heading into 2018 with a most younger 2 to 5 years farm pride of purr pots. they have been very busy this winter, so many mice this winter.

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2 Responses to Cherry Pie on a cold snow bound winter day..

  1. J & D > Oh my that’s a photo to melt a frozen heart. We can’t imagine a home without cats!

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