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Eating for Health

While I am beyond grateful for getting some answers in regards to my health, one of the things that came out of it was that I needed to work harder to clean up my eating habits and slowly but surely … Continue reading

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Beef Breakfast Sausage Patties

We really enjoy a good sausage in this house and they come in so many versions, sometimes I like to make big ones, sometimes little ones, sometimes they need to be smoked and cured.. other times fresh is best.. Most … Continue reading

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Herbed Meatballs Baked with Peaches in a Chokecherry Sauce

In my wonderful “Full Bellies” community supported food basket was 4 peaches among lots of other fruit. What to do with this lovely fruit and how to make it part of a meal with protein.. Baked Herbed Meatballs with Peaches … Continue reading

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Chaga Bone Broth Recipe

I had a awesome bag of grass fed beef bones to make bone broth with and I had a light bulb moment.. Chaga bone broth.. o my.. Talk about taking two amazing immune boosters and combining them together. I had … Continue reading

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