Creamed Pork Spleen on Toast-Recipe

Well, I have to admit that finding recipes for pigs spleen on the net or in my books is like finding hens teeth. I tapped my old cookbooks, nothing, I tapped my elders, nothing (they didn’t eat it) I dug though all my new cookbooks and even in my newest pig book, which has everything you can imagine in it, no spleen.

So then I hit the net to find out if its safe to eat, yup for sure and I could find one recipe from a blogger that everyone seems to have reposted, but its just clean, roll it with bacon and sage leaves, might be tasty but I want my first spleen to be about the spleen itself, not bacon and herbs, both of which I figure would be the big taste in that recipe.

So after reading for a bit, what I have got is this.. the closest taste is liver but different..

Ok fine, forget the books and just go the kitchen and get it done.. I took it out, cleaned it and gave it the good look over, I have fine grade thin and long.. I can see why rolling it  and then slicing would be pretty.. but not what I was after..

Decided to fall back on my english roots on my one grandma’s side and when in doubt, fry with onions, cream it and serve on toast..

2012-12-24 068 (500x375)

I took all the white fat and vein off the back and washed it well in cold water, it had been soaking in cold salted water.

then I sliced it into small bite size stripes, I put some pork fat into the cast iron pan, a whole sliced onion and the meat at med heat (the pan was hot and the onion half done before I added the spleen stripes, I allowed them to get well brown on the first side, and to sweat to the point of lighter pink on the other side before flipping them over, then I finished cooking then, salt and pepper to taste and at the very last second, I added two heaping tablespoons of rich yogurt,  (cream or sour cream or cream cheese would all work as well) and served it up over a slice of older harder bread (think trencher style), this would also work over noodles or mashed.

Now, this is the first time in my life that I have eaten spleen that I know of, however I read on the line that its often ground up into the hamburger that we buy at the stores, and that most of us have eaten it without knowing it.

Having said that, it was indeed as they said, mild in flavour, like liver but not, its flavour is closest to a mild liver but without the mush to liver, much firmer that way, it does not have livers aftertaste either.

I would recommend one spleen per adult or half for children if planning a meal, or at least I would given the size i have to work with.

* For those of you that found this recipe on the net, its worth noting that this spleen came from a large black heritage pig born and raised on our farm. I can’t say what the difference between my farm pasture pork vs factory raised..

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1 Response to Creamed Pork Spleen on Toast-Recipe

  1. Renee Griffin says:

    Amazing recipe! I look forward to trying it with my own hogs come fall of the year. I also like the serving recommendations.

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