Dogwood 52 – New Beginnings

I have been struggling with this photo, winter has been hanging on in such a hard way.. I kept looking for new ways to show the start of new life..

Today I had to choose a photo.. I decided on this one.. I think the story of new life coming is pretty easy to find..  Winter is slowly moving out, baring the soil to the sun and new life (those tiny bits of green) are starting..

What I found interesting in this photo for me is how intent the hens are, they are so focused on that special edge of in between.

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7 Responses to Dogwood 52 – New Beginnings

  1. Silveryew says:

    Bless them looks like they are looking forward to spring as well ^_^

  2. J & D > We know the feeling! Not, this time around, because of snow, or indeed any weather, but metaphorically. We’re letting go – in some degree, at least – of what has for the last 17 years been our raison-d’etre, but without yet having a firm hold on what will take its place.

    • I have been reading your posts and had that feeling, change is in the air and yet while some things seem clear, others are more unsteady yet.. When you started talking about downsizing this and that.. I knew something was up.. but have been reading and figured you would share as you are ready.

  3. Maybe that focus is on listening?; )

  4. Widdershins says:

    There’s something otherworldly about that intensity. 😀 … I wonder what they’re thinking. 🙂

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