Happy Easter “Lambs”

Happy Easter from our little farm to you and yours! I hope that regardless of your beliefs that you will enjoy time with your family and friends on this long weekend.

The past week has been busy, we finally are lambing, Toffee had our first set of twins it was a mix, one ewe and one ram.. Ram is the bigger lamb with ewe being second and smaller. Both a mix of chocolate dark brown with lots of white flashing (white head markings, white socks and white tails).  They are out of the jug now and in the baby pen

Champagne had a huge single ewe lamb (which is fine as she is just two herself) and did a outstanding job in delivery, cleanup and bonding. I have my eye on her daughter.  She is a bubbles granddaughter. She is the same as the twins being a rick dark brown main body color with lots of white crome  They are out of the jug now and in the baby pen

Woolie has a lovely set of twin ram lambs, pure white both of them. The biggest is doing great, the youngest is a little bit weaker and its getting a extra nursing and being made sure its nursing well. I will do a weight check on the littlest one for the next couple days, they are safely jugged up and hopefully with the much smaller space, the wee one will pick up just a touch more.

We have two more ewe’s to go yet and we clearly have a missed year with spot.. no lambs from her this year.

Hubby is slowly and carefully recovering from his torn muscles and broken bones, he finds to very hard that he can hear the broken bones move back and forth.. click click and he is not happy to be on the side lines but he must take the time off and heal. He did try to go to work for one day last week but wisely decided to take the rest of the week off.

I am grateful for the warmer weather in the sense it has allowed me to get out the hoses and now I can do the watering without hauling around buckets. However the warmer weather also means that we have mud.. so much mud and I have already had one minor slip and one true fall, thankfully I am just a bit bruised up.

We enjoyed some wonderful time at a dear friends on good Friday and we having a quiet stay at home weekend otherwise with just us on the farm. We have lots to do and at the same time, I am having a bit of a quieter couple days as well.

We have two new rabbit litters and one chicken sitting that is due to hatch this coming week if we have our timing right..  spring is here and so are the babies!


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4 Responses to Happy Easter “Lambs”

  1. bluestempond says:

    I love baby animals. Where are the pictures?

  2. Widdershins says:

    Phew! lucky escape there with the slip … you’d be in trouble if both of you were laid up … love to see some baby pics if you feel so inclined, 😀

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