Spring really is just around the corner..

I was going to write a more detail post today but the truth is, that while my brace is helping, I pulled my wrist the wrong way and I am being kind to say that its tender at the moment..  so I will be keeping the typing to a min today..


Strangely on the same day as me, my mom hit her own hand and pushed her thumb backwards, I am grateful that mine should be better with a bit of careful looking after in a few days.

I looked outside to my melting world and thought, I can rake one handed right and I am sure I can get some beet seeds in without needing my left arm LOL I think I will wait till tomorrow and give it one more day to melt out.

Spring really is starting to show itself though.. guess what I found on my last walk.. yup.. coltsfoot! for more info on coltsfoot, see my post here!


and we had two more lambs born on the weekend, both first time mothers, both just rocked it.. as I would like with first time girls, they both had singles.. the first one had a lovely cute, mainly white with black bits and bobs ram lamb.


and the second new mom is our lovely Tess, and it was fitting as hubbies got his auther copy of Tesseracts 19 with his story Black Sheep in the mail.

Tess had a stunningly pretty ewe lamb, and she is called Teaya, as long as all goes well, she will be staying in the flock, and she is my only pure hair sheep born this year 🙂 I have twins that are full wool and they are black, and I have one full hair lamb, she is pinto and the rest are hair sheep breed to a wool ram..



And what wool he grew.. I can not wait to shear him this spring..


I am planning on playing with the wool tags chopped up to use them in the big plant pots as a way to create water retaining to the pots, anyone tried this and have any advice, I have used wool in the garden but I tend to use it to smother and as a cover crop, not in the soil itself, well mixed in.

they say the rest of the week will be on a upward climb of warmer weather! Everyone have a great Day..


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