Bush Hiking with the horses

I wanted to get in a hike on sunday before the coming storm moves in again, I wanted to work with the horses, they need their spring ground training so that we can safely start riding again, and I wanted to spend time with my wonderful husband, a little couple time as it were..

So we went hiking with horses as a couple 🙂



So Brandy was with Hubby and Caleb was with me..



Up the road, and cut into the fields and then into the bush we go..


this was the rest point, everyone took a breather, I needed it and even the horses are out of shape and where breathing a bit and had a bit of damp on their first working spots..  we all need to get back into shape.. (well other then hubby, he was fine)


We did not seek the clear path, we looked and went though, between and over as much as we could find, we made as much effort as possible to find ways that made them work for it!


Now that’s what I call a great “date”..


adore this cute photo bomb by Brandy.. it turned out to be my favorite photo of the trip!


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