Speaking event- Food Preservation

Yesterday I was up bright an early, checking my lists twice and packing the truck and off I headed to a great event, there was a very good turnout, we sold out on the tickets available (a few folks in the end where not able to come ) but it was  good crowd.


like this photo as it shows a idea of the room, the set up and this was a great talk on the local food shed and how each person fits into it, very interactive class, I took the classes, when not speaking myself.


This was a great talk on intensive gardening and succession planting.. the photo was showing a great point, the squash plants took the same space but one produced six of the little ones and the other produced four of the big ones.. got to love her banana squash, its a thing of beauty!


Then came my talk, and hour and half plus questions on both old and modern food preservation that is available to us, it was a good talk, I was pleased that I found it not quite as nerve racking as last year, I was better prepared which helped and to be honest, I know the subjects well, which helps a great deal to remain calm, I had some show an tell, I have examples and hubby says he is going to make me a couple power points as I have been asked to do talks and hands on seminars in the future.

just over 50 percent of the folks who were there made a point afterwards to come up, either to just say hello and enjoyed the talk and or in combo to ask follow up question, so I feel safe to say that everyone felt they got something from it, which makes it so worthwhile to me


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4 Responses to Speaking event- Food Preservation

  1. Jackie @Auburn Meadow Farm says:

    Good for you 🙂 Always a good thing to do something a little scary and see it appreciated.

  2. nannygrannie says:

    Sounds amazing, I wish I could’ve attended.

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