Camping Trips

Well, most these will be with a girlfriend or two or six LOL but one is going to be with hubby, we are getting farm sitters in for the one weekend..

Its been to long since we did more then day trips, and I have lots of those planned for sure, but we are going to do more hiking this year as well.

Last year we had folks come to us and they kept up hopping and it was awesome, this year, we are doing a bit more off the farm time, with lots of horse riding time planned, Bush time and tenting time..

I went though my gear and decided that as most of it was gotten in 2000 to 2001, maybe its time to get some of the newer tec stuff, I am not getting rid of my older tough as nail gear but I did order in a newer lighter weight pack for some of our trips this year, as I do not need to use the bigger heavier pack..

So I found a great mine tour for my hubby for later in the season, I have found a few new parks that we have not been to and lots of day use areas. Till then, I have selected just a few photos from over the years of camping and trips for you in this post..

Its got some of our local day trips, some of our longer holiday trips, some from B.C.  Sask, Alberta, including the badlands, Ontario from my cross country trips and NWT and Nu as well.

hoodoo 003FSCN0798 (800x600)

DSCN0745 (800x600)

DSCN0746 (800x736)

2013-01-01 523 (600x450)

2013-01-01 939 (800x599)



Last year we did really well at getting off the farm and trying new things, we went hiking, we went and learned new parks on the Quebec side, we went to a country music festival (which turned hubby onto country) we did a rodeo, we took in a local fair..  and we had our first big party on the farm 🙂

This year, I would like to find hopefully the right blend, the farm and the animals always come first but its a good thing to give ourselves time off it as well, so if you have a farm or homestead, while I know that 90 plus percent of your time will be spent on the farm and that sometimes you almost need to drag yourself away from it

What if anything do you have planned for this year that takes you off the farm?

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  1. suz says:

    hi – where is that gargantuan beaver? i live in NE ohio, along the beaver creek and ohio river, and MANY things around here are named beaver, on both sides of the ohio/pa line, including where i went to high school (in ohio) and the company i just retired from (in pa.) –suz in ohio

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