One last blast of winter, I hope..

O my, there has been so much going on.. including one last good size winter storm..


We went from this, where I was cleaning the yard, planting early spring seeds,



having my first fire and outdoor meal, and working on making bio-char for the garden  to this..


its started small, just a few inches or four or six..  but by morning, over a foot of it had arrived on the farm!


I looked sideways and laughed.. Yesterday, this




but under that snow is seeds, and I hope they are just holding and that soon this will melt and they will show their little heads.. in the house, I am battling fungus knats.. grrr..

But its all ok.. cause..  o my kittens! As I have already turned off the heating, its april folks, no one should be surprised that I have turned the heat off in the house and am only using the solar from the sun along with a bit of extra heat from the stove at cooking time..


So the wee babies have a heated bed, they love it.. LOL


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