Introducing Faith and Patrick..

As some will remember, I lost my oldest purrpot, at the age of 19 this winter, and we also lost my sweet and beloved Munchkin, the year before, we also had a few of our outdoor barn cats either pass or disappear..

I certainly do not lack Purrpots but when we did the count, I realized very quickly that over 80 percent of our sweet kitties are over 9 plus and that we only have a few middle age on the farm..

We did have a litter last year, they were adopted out, so it is with great pleasure, I introduce our two wee kittens.. Most of our female are spayed but we do have a few intact girls but we also are active in controlling their breeding..

So introducing, Patrick and Faith, born on St. Paddy Day! I feel they are old enough now that its safe to introduce them to the farm blog..  Patrick is a total chill boy, as sweet and steady as they come.. his sister Faith, is a split face calico and as cute as they come..


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4 Responses to Introducing Faith and Patrick..

  1. judy says:

    Love barn kittens! What a armful of love!

  2. Widdershins says:

    Too cute! Two cuties! 😀

  3. Great to see how bright they look at 3 weeks! Such a difference once you can see them with eyes open, hey: )

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