Lights and Lungs-Sour Lung Soup Recipe and thoughts..Part 1

Mom got me the book “odd bits” by fellow Canadian and Ontarian Jennifer Mclagan, auther of Fat and Bones.. some the things in this book made me truly shake my head, I am still not sure that I will ever be comfortable eating certain parts of a animal but I am a huge! believer that if I am going to raise and then eat one of the critters raised on my farm, that I will not waste,  Typically that means that the “odd bits” go the hounds or purrpots, or depending something even to the chickens or the pig..

Still I am adult enough to realize that alot of my thoughts on these things have to do with the country I was raised in and just how much even I have fallen at times into butchering out the critters so that Dh is more comfortable with eating the different parts.

A Perfect example of this would be rabbit, he does not like me to leave the meat on the bone as he can tell it’s a bunny vs a chicken per the bones, so I make tenderloins and then tend to cook the rest and pull the meat for dishes.. If I expect him to reach out of his comfort zone and try seafood, fish, and a host of other things that he grew up not eating.. then I also need to be more open to trying dish’s that stretch me and my own set ways of eating, which brings me these..

Yup, that is a pair of fresh butcher lungs that combined with the heart will be going to make Sour Lung Soup, and we will see if its nearly as good as I have read or not.. The recipe says that you can use tongue if you can’t find lung.. the book says that lung is not available for sale in the US but a quick google search seems to show that lots of folks are find them and or have had them in the states. I read a couple folks talking about finding lung available in toronto at different markets.

This not a hard recipe to make, and to be fair to the auther, I am not going to give you a direct recipe, “IF” I ever make this enough to develop a farmgal version, I will for sure share it, but I will give the basic’s, she want’s you to make a basic veggie broth started with the same animals bone stock and simmer the heart and lungs till done..  strain and then make a sweet rue (sugar and flour), then use the simmered skimmed and strained broth back into the rue, then add back the trimmed and tiny diced peices of heart and lung, along with fresh lemon, zest, and a heaping tablespoon of dijon mustard..

Part two, will show some of the cooking process and the final result along with taste test results..

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5 Responses to Lights and Lungs-Sour Lung Soup Recipe and thoughts..Part 1

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Hi FarmGal, This sounds really tasty! You know, one of my favourite things to do when eating “dark” chicken meat is to flip it over to see if there’s any lung tissue still tucked in the underside, ’cause it’s delicious! Speaking of delicious, when I was a little kid, my parents did up a bunch of Cottontail (Dad was a hunter) meat in jars and can I still remember how good it tasted, decades later. But I don’t remember being freaked out by how it looked in the jar: it was just pink. (Sorry DH; )

  2. I’m not sure if I could eat lungs. I completely admire your belief in waste not, want not when it comes to food though!

  3. Lynn says:

    These posts on the lung are so interesting. When we butcher, I’m the one who ‘pops’ the lungs with my fingers sliding between the lung and the ribs. My husband’s fingers are too big. I’ve always tossed them out because I thought they were slightly toxic. Now I wonder where would I have gotten that idea from. Come next butchering, I’ll be saving some to try out.

    • Hi Lynn

      I went back to my book just to be sure, no comments about them being slightly toxic, just that you should use a butcher of trust, that they should be bright looking and very fresh, they have been used in Haggas for many years with no ill effects that I am aware of, just to be clear on the salt water statement, put in above..

      It was to soaked in the fridge in salt water and have that changed a couple times, now as the bird lungs were so small, I just soaked them whole but for the calf lungs that she recommends starting with in her reicpe, she cubed them, detubed them, and then soaked the cubs in salt water with a plate to hold them down as they will float.

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